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Name:Mostly Harmless RPG OOC Community
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So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish!

You wake up in... yeah. No. We won't start like that.

Here's the deal: Your hometown/planet/previous haunted mental institution? Gone. Kaput. De-freaking-stroyed. The details are sketchy, and the reasoning is completely out the window, but what you do know, is that you don't have anywhere to return. No place to call home anymore.

To some of you? That's a blessing. After all, you'd been taken away from your home in the first place, thrown into a creepy town/haunted what-the-hell/city/forest/nursery school-- so this new situation? Probably doesn't surprise you in the slightest. To everyone else however? Your home is gone. No more walks in that one special park from your childhood, no more flying in your airship amongst friendly clouds. Everything is dead and destroyed. Bawwwww.

You're now a refugee on the S.S. Thor, a spacestation floating around the galaxy with the sole mission to rescue vagrants like you. You've been given three things: a (rather stylish) towel, an oddly designed book (which, on the back has the words DON'T PANIC inscribed in large friendly letters) and coordinates to some sort of cabin. You have to work for us for a little while, and build up a name for yourself. But before all that, sit down. Have a drink. Take in your surroundings. Get to know everyone else. Oh, and don't worry.

Everyone here?

We're mostly harmless.


Mostly Harmless is, when you get right down to it, a sandbox game. Plot, such as it is, is very much player-driven. This means there's equal potential for pure crack, SRS BSNS, slice of life, angst, horror...whatever you feel like playing at the time, you can do! In a space-station the size of a city filled with millions of weird alien NPCs and hundreds of PC refugees, you're only limited by your imagination when it comes to things to do. Put up a proposal on the OOC comm., feel out player interest, and go! It's as simple as that! Any huge plots potentially involving tons of players or death will need to be run by the mods first, but for just about everything else, go nuts!

Don't Forget Your Towel!

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